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My journey began in 2014

My business started in the summer of 2014 with an old pallet and an idea. It began as a fun hobby to make some extra money, before officially growing into Kendra’s Got Wood about a year later. I was creating rustic, hand painted signs, with old wood and borrowed tools for quite a while. In 2017, I invested in my scroll saw and after a bit of practice, it really changed the game. Now, years later, and a whole lot more tools, I am a full time woodworking artist and sign maker. 

Kendra Chura
Kendras Got Wood
Country Livin'

Cotton's Freedom Farm

Around the same time that I began my journey as a maker, we got our first two goats, Jake and Gigi. Two led to three, then four, and so on. It grew into a small rescue farm, now including ducks and rabbits, which we call Cotton’s Freedom Farm. Being a maker full time allows me to work from home and therefore care for them as well. They’ve even been known to inspire some of my work.

Refining Skillsets

Looking Forward

Still painting, scrolling and sometimes even using old wood, I am now combining epoxy, hardwoods, and a new laser machine into my work. I am passionate about not only creating my own artwork, but helping others as well. In addition to my own pieces, you can shop my hand drawn cutting templates for scroll saw and laser work plus find links to some of my favorite products.


Meet the Staff at Cotton's Freedom Farm


The Face of the Farm
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David and Patrick



The Original


Ready for Fall