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Farm life started with my mom surprising me with two pet goats for Christmas of 2014. We named them Jake and Gigi. They came from a local petting farm where they needed to be re-homed from. Later we added two more goats and slowly our small farm grew. In the spring of 2017, wanting to save some of the babies from the local farm store, we added ducks. It wasn’t until February of the following year that Cotton’s Freedom Farm got its name, with the arrival of Cotton himself. With an effort to save these animals from being discarded, dumped, or used for food purposes, we’ve acquired many more. We added rabbits, rescuing Roger and Freddie from auction, and many more ducks, including Clint and Elizabeth who we, ourselves went and rescued from a nearby lake where they were dumped.

Many people don’t realize how many farm animals are regularly mistreated and it is our hopes and goals to save as many as we can. We currently have 11 goats, 16 ducks and five rabbits. Every single one holds a special place in our hearts.

While it is not tax deductible, you are welcome to make a donation here, or send us a gift from our Amazon Wish List.  Donations are never necessary, but always appreciated. 

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